#MobileMayor Moment — Black History Month Celebration

Black History Month gives our society an opportunity pause, recognize and honor the achievements of our community. We take great strides to discuss and share the significant contributions the African-American community has paid for the advancement of our society. We also give time for discussions about the dark periods of our sojourn in the United States.

While recognition and celebration of the achievements and accomplishments within the African American Community is very important those lessons taught must always be presented in proper context. We must ensure the proper linkage between the past, present and future. The purpose of Black History must not be limited to a period of parades, celebrations and various events but rather give an education to help in understanding how to but a strong social construct that move us toward attaining even greater achievements.

The Black History Reception we hosted which was sponsored by MGM National Harbor was a giant step toward achieving the aforementioned purpose. The young entrepreneurs had a great opportunity to network with leading entrepreneurs in the Washington Metropolitan Region. In addition, the young entrepreneurs were required to give a pitch on their business before a panel of the Local Living Legends. Here are the highlights from that event.